Tamper-proof Your Luggage With These Useful Travel Accessories

Learn how to tamper-proof your luggage for your next adventure! Keep your bags safe and avoid being a victim of airport luggage theft.

All travellers experience a certain degree of concerns when it comes to the safety of their luggage. There are so many things that can go wrong and not enough solutions! 

What if my bag gets lost? What if my stuff gets stolen? What if the zipper of my bag breaks? What if the lock fail? What is going to happen to my belongings? 

Luckily most of these issues can be addressed by using some of the following useful travel accessories for a simplified travel experience.

Luggage Trolley Covers

 Luggage Covers 

The protective suitcase covers have been around for quite some time now. They are no longer a novelty. You may have seen them during your travels; they may have made you smile at the baggage claim or while patiently waiting to board your flight next to the gate.  Some feature a funny design while others have either a plain look or a glamorous one. Anyway, they make heads turn! 

What makes them so great? Besides the fact that they protect your bag against abrasion, stains, accidental spills and dirt, they also secure your bag against thieves. In addition, in case  the zipper of your bag gets damaged, the contents of your bag will not get lost as the stretchable spandex cover will keep everything in place. It will not allow the top to open and have your belongings spread out. 

Travellers use suitcase covers to extend the life of their bags, new or old. Those who invested into an expensive model of trolley opt for a luggage cover to protect their investment while those using an older suitcase prefer to do a face lift for their bag spending less.

A quick look online will reveal that these suitcase sleeves are washable and durable as they can be used multiple times.  If you want to learn more about luggage covers, read this guide: Best Luggage Covers For Travelers.

Add A Bag Luggage Strap

Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap 

How many times have you felt like a donkey carrying too many bags? How many times have you promised yourself that you will pack lightly for the next trip? How many times you had your shoulders and arms aching due to the heavy bags you have been carrying or dragging along? How many trips ended up with you visiting your physio-therapist, asking for a massage to release the tension built-up in the shoulders or neck? 

In case one of the above scenarios sounds familiar, you know you need  an add-a-bag strap! The sturdy strap enables you to combine different bags by attaching them together in order to free your hands and have an effortless walk through the airport. You will be able to carry or roll multiple bags simultaneously. No need for Herculean muscles from now on, as the ad-a-bag strap offers you the extra helping hand you need while travelling!
Its small and lightweight design allows you to stow it in your pocket or inside one of your bags until needed. 

 Heavy Duty Luggage Strap

Heavy-Duty Luggage Strap 

When you have checked baggage, adding a heavy duty luggage strap enables you to add some extra protection to your suitcase. We all know how luggage is handled throughout the world. You may have witnessed or experienced damaged bags and missing items. 

The luggage straps are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. You can opt for a bright color for easy recognition or a dark one for its dirt resistance. 
You can select a model with a classic buckle, a 3-dial combination lock  or one with a built-in TSA lock, all according to your budget. The latter is a bit more pricier but travellers swear by it! Just ensure that the belt you will purchase features a TSA-approved lock that can be opened with a unique master key by the TSA agents for security purposes.

Designed to keep the bag closed and secure, these luggage straps withstand the test of time and travel. They also can be used to cinch one or more suitcases together, enabling one person to manoeuvre and wheel several bags at the same time through the airport premises. 

It can be used for soft bags and hard-shell suitcases as well. In addition, it can also be used as a luggage identifier. Thus you will be able to spot your bag faster and won't have to experience that powerless feeling of having your bag unidentifiable at the luggage carousel! 

If you use a bright color strap for your bag, you shorten the time you will spend waiting for the bag to arrive on the belt. The colored strap will act as an indicator and help you find your bag in the sea of luggage.

 World Map Luggage Tag

Luggage Tags 

Luggage tags are not overrated! In fact, they are far more useful today than they used to be in the past decades. That's because most of them require more relevant information about the passenger than just the name.

A big, brighter luggage tag has a better visibility than a regular plain one, as it will stand out more. Also it offers  more space for your contact details. 

What is considered relevant or useful data for a luggage ID tag? Your name, the address you will be at your destination, phone number, email address and even your home address. Yes, it may seem too much of info to provide, but in case your bag gets lost, this is what can help you get it back faster. 

It won't hurt either to have a secondary ID tag placed inside of the bag or a copy of your itinerary printed and placed in one of the pockets of your luggage. It could enable the airport workers figure out what is the bag`s final destination.

TSA Safety Lock

TSA Security Locks 

Locks have been and continue to be one of  the most reliable solutions for securing a bag. Though so many bags end up at their destination with missing items that it is recommended to secure the bag with a TSA accepted and recognized lock. 

These travel essentials are a bit pricier than a regular lock.  The difference is that TSA screening agents will be able to check the contents of your bag without damaging it. They won't have to cut the lock or force the bag to open, risking to have it returned to you damaged! 

A TSA approved lock will display the Travel Sentry symbol on the lock. The TSA screeners will use a unique master tool key that opens and closes the bags without any issue. 

As a side note, keep in mind that TSA approved locks are recognized in 37 countries and for international travelling they may not be the best solution! 

BlueField Dry Bag 

Dry Bag 

This multi-purpose travel essential should not miss from your bag whenever you are planning a water adventure or simply being in close proximity to the ocean, sea, lake or river. A dry bag can keep your electronics and clothes safe from water while kayaking, boating, rafting, trekking or just camping.

You can use it as a bag on its own or insert it in another one, as an additional layer of protection for your photographic equipment, laptops or other devices. You can turn it into your laundry bag and store inside wet or dirty clothing. Or convert it into your travel pillow. Place all your valuables inside, add some clothes or a towel, zip it and voila! You have a pillow to lay your head on when your flight gets delayed! No traveller ever accused having his pillow stolen while sleeping!

If you are up to the challenge, you can even dare to use it to stay fit, as your kettlebell. Fill it up with water and start working out wherever you are. Just ensure you add the right quantity of liquid, to lift up the correct weight and not over-exert yourself.

 Other ways to prevent bag theft:

  • Invest in a quality suitcase. Consider it as a worthwhile investment into  your future. A quality travel bag, either it is a large suitcase, a carry-on or  a backpack that features some anti theft features is less likely to leave you unprotected and turn you into a victim of theft. 


  • Replace padlocks with cable ties. Numbered cable ties will help you identify if the bag has been opened during the flight or not. Prior to checking in your bag, take a photo of the tag and its series. Ensure to place one or two cable ties in the inside of the bag for the screening agents to secure your bag after examination. 


  • Add a fixed lock or a cable tie (loop) on the zipper in order to avoid having them moved back and forth. A thief will think twice before opening a bag with his ballpoint pen for the simple reason he won`t be able to zip it back!


  • Use a Tamperlock tag. It is a tamper-evident luggage locking system that makes it easier for travellers to see if someone tried to mess up with their bags. These tags are easy to use and can be purchased online.


  •  Wrap your suitcase in plastic foil before reaching the airport in order to avoid paying a higher cost for wrapping it.


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