Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack - Ultimate Guide

What is the best waterproof dslr backpack?

Professional photographer or amateur, you care about your photo gear. That`s why you are reading this guide. Because you are aware that your camera bag is as important as your photo equipment . You know that your equipment needs to be protected from different sorts of dangers, but you can`t make up your mind what to chose. No worries, we get you.

We understand that selecting the best travel camera backpack can be a daunting process (especially when the market is flooded with so many models and features), thus we are here to help. We put together this small guide hoping to give you a more in depth idea of what you know about camera backpacks for travel.


5 Steps Process To Find The Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack

What are the types of  camera bags available nowadays?

  • Backpack - This type of bag offers a large interior with designated compartments for your camera, lenses, laptop and other small accessories. They are easier to carry around and can handle travel better than other models.

  • Shoulder bag - Smaller in size and lightweight, featuring an adjustable strap, the shoulder bag has a limited space for your photo gear. Most of the models can accommodate your camera and one or two lenses.

  • Messenger bag - Can be worn as a crossbody bag and may feature a slightly bigger interior for your camera gear than the shoulder bag.

  • Rolling bag - It can be a backpack or a carry-on size bag with wheels and an interior that has a well padded partition. Although this type of bag is meant to be rolled on the ground, it is not suitable for hiking or a rugged terrain. It is mostly recommended for usage in an urban landscape.

  • Holster bag - Smaller than a shoulder bag, it can hold a camera and a lens. It can be attached to your belt or a chest bag.

  • Backpack insert - A padded box designed to store your camera and lenses. Usually it features a drawstring top closure. Some models may have a strong Velcro on the bottom allowing you to attach it to a convertible backpack. They can come as an additional accessory or as part of a backpack.

Camera Gear Protection

What you should consider prior to purchasing a camera backpack?

  • Capacity (how much weight will you be carrying with you?) Basically you will need to have a clear idea of the total weight of your gear equipment. How many lenses and modular accessories will you need to fit inside? Two, three, five, eight?  If you have no clue, best way to find out is use a scale machine. You can either weight each item separately or all together. It`s up to you to do the Math!

  • Multiple compartments / organisation. - Does it come equipped with a dedicated laptop padded compartment? Does it feature padded sleeves with elastic straps for your electronics (laptop, tablet?) How much padding are we talking about?

Does it feature an internal tripod compartment or does it have external side straps for it? Aim for a backpack with a customizable interior which allows you to arrange your gear the way you want it. Some models offer the options to carry around two tripods!

  • Accessibility. Taking a snapshot of the perfect sunset or an .... requires you to act fast. Natural lighting at the golden hour is irresistible. You just help yourself from trying to get a shot. Though how many times you missed the chance to immortalize that glorious moment just because we were not fast enough to get your camera set and click that button. Having easy access to some parts of your photo gear is vital when you are on the move.

  • Versatile padded partition. Are those internal dividers interchangeable? Can you change their position according to your needs? Is it easy to remove them or re-attach them? Do they offer you a quick-access to your lenses or the equipment you need?  Do you need to unzip the whole bag to get to them or only a pocket or a single compartment? Keep in mind that while shooting outdoors you won`t benefit from the same luxury of an indoor travel studio! You will need a camera bag that allows you to move quick and be efficient.

  • Comfort. Since we mentioned padding earlier, we would like to reinforce its importance. Padding is not only valuable for your gadgets, preventing them from getting banged against each other, but also for your back. A thicker layer of padding ensures a comfortable carrying experience. A breathable padding doesn`t turn you into a sweat-ball while carrying it. Also it prevents the equipment (lenses, laptop) from getting soggy. Does it offer any sort of lumbar support with a waist strap? Do the straps have a breathable padding?

  • Water-resistance. Nothing spoils the fun more than an unexpected storm / downpur /rain or spillage. When you invested a serious amount into your photo gear, you certainly want to ensure it stays protected from such incidents. A waterproof rain-cover or a water-resistant material would keep your equipment safe. Always look for a backpack that features a waterproof fabric.

  • Price.  A quick search on Google can display a myriad of options. Many cool models with awesome features and prices varying accordingly. How do you know which one is the best? Simple! Revisit the paragraphs above and see what are your needs. Don`t be afraid to jot down a few thoughts. Ask yourself a few questions such as:

Why do I need one? How often will I need to use it? Where? What exactly do I want to fit inside?How many items of my camera gear do I need to have with me? How many lenses, flash, batteries, external memory, etc.

  • Aesthetics - Style - The wide variety of available choices may make it challenging for you to select a camera bag as you might not be able to decide in between certain models. Or maybe you will like more than one.


How can you find the right DSLR camera backpack for you?

In order to narrow down your choices, remind yourself of the reasons why you need such a bag. Is it because you have photography as your hobby? You can opt for a stylish model with a retro look.

An eco-friendly camera bag that plays a dual role, carries your photo equipment and enables you to reduce your carbon footprint, may be just what you need.

Is it because you took your hobby to another level and you aim to achieve better shots while using a better camera gear? You may want to look into a backpack or sling bag that offers you some of the features the pros are looking into.

Most of the camera bags tend to be plain black which is fine. Nothing wrong with a simple plain appearance as many prefer the incognito feeling offered by it.

Though for those whose eyes are used to feast on colour or a visual aesthetic, there are less options. You can choose a safari looking bag or something that is more appealing to you.

Are you simply replacing or upgrading your old camera bag? Are you transitioning from the original camera bag to a dslr camera backpack because it is more functional and practical? Do you need a big camera bag because you just rewarded yourself with a new toy (lens, camera)?

A backpack or sling bag with multiple zippered compartment, featuring removable and interchangeable padded partitions (dividers), with multiple closed pockets and mesh  pockets and quick-grab compartments may meet your requirements.

In addition, you will benefit more from a plain looking backpack that won`t let others guess its content. It will be easier to blend it in a crowd or while travelling. The last thing you want when crossing a bad area or in a poor country is a bag that screams “Hey, I'm carrying expensive gear!

If security during travel  is what you have in mind, then you may want an anti theft camera backpack with or without locks. It may not look as a regular camera with plenty of external pockets, but will address the safety issue.  A convertible bag with a sleek and stylish design is what you need. A bag that morphs from a regular travel backpack into a camera backpack gives you the freedom to adapt it to your daily needs.

Last, do you want a camera bag more suited for the city or for a rugged travel (hiking, cycling, etc.)? In this case, you will need more backpack looking bag that features extra padding, with a fully customizable interior!


Our pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack for amateurs (beginners)

Waterproof DSLR Camera Bag

WATERPROOF DSLR CAMERA BAG  is a sophisticated alternative to the typical camera or laptop bag! Designed to fit all the things you need for the day, including your camera gear, this shoulder bag is made out of high-quality vegan leather, water-resistant waxed canvas material.


  • Padded partition
  • Available in two different sizes and three colours
  • Fits one camera body and two lenses
  • Great for amateur photographers


Our pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack for professionals

shockproof camera bag light

SHOCKPROOF CAMERA BAG LIGHT  is a lightweight, comfortable and solid backpack that will surpass your expectations. This pack offers top-notch organization features that will make you fall in love with!

Your photo equipment (camera, up to 4 lenses, photo light, photo flash, various adapters or fixtures, folding tripods and spare batteries), it can all be fit in this bag. The two side zippered flaps offer quick access to your gear.


  • Separate laptop storage compartment
  • Dual tripod mount
  • Interchangeable padded dividers
  • Quick access zippered flaps

Our Pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack for travel

anti theft camera backpack

 ANTI THEFT CAMERA BACKPACK is highly functional and has a beautiful design. It's the perfect cross between a camera bag and a leisure day pack. 

Designed to accommodate the gear of a professional travel photographer, this bag features a 15.6” laptop designated compartment in the upper section of the bag, while the camera gear is stored in the bottom compartment.


  • Removable and padded camera insert box
  • Large upper compartment
  • Designated padded laptop compartment
  • Anti theft design and water resistant material
  • Great organization - multiple pockets


Our pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack under $75

Shockproof Camera Bag

SHOCKPROOF CAMERA BAG has an urban sleek design which will not attract unnecessary attention nor let other become aware of its content.  This model is suitable for urban settings as well as outdoors.

Its honeycomb padded interior can easily fit an SLR with attached lens and couple of extra lenses. It also has exterior and interior pockets that can fit additional accessories. This model  offers a range of pockets and dividers meant to keep gear within easy reach.


  • Dedicated laptop/tablet compartment
  • Honeycomb padded dividers
  • Capacity: 1-6 lenses 
  • Discreet design
  • Tripod mount


Our pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack under $100

Camera Slingshot DSLR Bag

CAMERA SLINGSHOT DSLR BAG is a lightweight, comfortable and solid backpack that will definitely meet your needs.This camera bag was patented to accommodate all your photo gear in one single bag with versatile padded partitions.

The front part of the camera backpack features a big padded compartment designed to protect your camera and lenses. The zipper pockets enable you to open the compartments just as flap. The top pocket is also padded and was designed to hold your camera`s body for easy access.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Padded partition for camera gear
  • Tripod mount
  • Fits a camera and up to three additional lenses
  • Perfect for professionals shooting outdoors



Our pick for the Best Waterproof DSLR Backpack under $200

Stylish Camera Backpack 


STYLISH CAMERA BACKPACK is suitable for those who travel light with just a camera and a couple of lenses, plus  a laptop. If you're on the hunt for an Indiana Jones type of look, this is just the right bag for you! Its unique rugged design is not its only attractive feature.

The interior presents different compartments which can store your gear and some other belongings. One of the great things about this pack is that you can convert it into a camera bag or a regular backpack, according to your needs.


  • Multiple padded interior compartments
  • Capacity: camera and two additional lenses along with other small accessories
  • Tripod mount
  • Quick access pocket to the camera


Picking the right camera bag is as exciting as your next adventure. When you invested a certain amount in your photographic equipment, you want to ensure that it is protected against all factors that can damage it.

After having read this guide, you should have an idea of what is suitable for you. As we mentioned before, it all depends on your lifestyle and your needs. Now you`re only one step away from finding the right camera backpack for you.





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