Best Luggage Covers For Travelers


What is a travel luggage protector? 

A luggage cover is a protective sleeve placed on your bag that serves a double function: protect your luggage against bumps and scratches during your travel and make it easy to spot at the baggage claim belt. 

When can you use them?

Luggage cover protectors can be used for any type of travel: car, air plane, train, bus, etc.  You can even use them at home as a dust cover for your luggage. Your bag can accumulate dust while being stored. Using a dust cover protector you can avoid getting it dirty.


spandex suitcase covers 

Why do you need a travel luggage protector?

When you have connecting flights and your luggage is manhandled by several airlines, you can expect to have your bag dirty, stained or even damaged. You have seen by now how luggage is handled by the airport workers! 

All over the world the same scenario unfolds. Thousands of suitcases are being thrown into the trollies, carried to the airplane and then dropped on the loading  belt . 

How many bumps, shocks and falls have they been victims of? If a suitcase could talk and describe how it has been treated on the way to its final destination, you`ll be shocked to hear everything about its bumpy journey. 

Each time you travelled and checked in your suitcase, you ensured not to leave any valuables inside, fearing that they might get stolen. Unfortunately such unpleasant incidents still occur. Items go missing from luggages, airlines lose bags all the time. 

luggage covers airport

How many times have you worried while waiting at the baggage claim carousel that your bag would be the one that got lost? How annoying is it to pull a heavy suitcase of the belt, just to see that it isn't yours? You remember how long you had to wait to spot your bag? Or how many times your creative ideas of having a personalized tag or mark failed to achieve their purpose of making the bag more identifiable?

How can you spot a single bag in a swarm of similar looking  yet-to-be-claimed suitcases? It's easy! Dress it up! Give your bag a new face lift! Putting on a protective sleeve can easily solve this problem.

The wide variety of models available allows you to choose your favorite colours and prints. You can opt for a patternless plain look, a classic look, a vivid colour, a funny design or even something related to one of your hobbies. The choices are endless when it comes to selecting a cover. As a matter of fact, there are many models you can choose from, thus you won't have to sacrifice style or design.

how to use luggage covers

How do you use spandex suitcase covers?

Luggage suitcase protector covers are easy to use. All you have to do is to unfold it and slip it over your closed suitcase. Slide the cover from the top of your bag and pull it down towards the wheels, where you will zip it or velcro it.

The spandex fabric allows it to stretch without losing its shape. They are easy to get on and remove from your bag, thus you won't have any problem showing your bag for the security checks or any additional screenings. 

Some of luggage protective covers have a zipper closure while others feature a velcro one. Usually it is located on the bottom of the bag, between the wheels. 

Washable luggage covers

While all covers are washable it is recommended to use only warm water and a mild detergent, as hot water and an alkaline detergent can damage the covers. They are safe for machine wash (at a lower temperature or cycle) but they must be hung to dry in a ventilated place instead of sun exposure. Please note that dryer usage is not advised!

Waterproof luggage covers

Clear plastic luggage covers are waterproof. Spandex luggage covers are not waterproof, but they do offer an extra layer of protection for your bag in case of accidental spillage or rain. 

Stretchable suitcase protective covers

Most of the protective covers are made from a stretchy spandex material which makes it easy for you to use them. The ability of the material to stretch and fit around the bag like a fitted glove is what keeps your bag safe. The design features appropriate holes for the side handle and the telescopic handle, enabling you to have access to them.

Pimp out your old ugly bag or protect your expensive suitcase with a luggage cover! 

TSA approved luggage covers

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved luggage covers for both carry on bags and checked in bags. Though the agents will do their best to repack your bag, don't expect them to place back the luggage cover. Some of them will, some won`t. That's when the stretchy fit feature comes handy, as it won't take you a long time to place the cover on your bag after having passed the security check.

Sizing guidelines for luggage covers

Protective suitcase covers are available in various sizes. You can shop for covers for your carry on, checked in suitcase and even for an oversized luggage. Keep in mind that you will need to check the dimensions of your bag before purchasing a protective cover! It is wider to go for a snug fit for your bag, as it will protect your suitcase better. A loose one won't offer the same degree of protection. In addition, it might not be approved by the airline, as it could get tangled on the airport`s conveyor belt. Therefore, following a sizing guideline is highly recommended!

What are the benefits of using a luggage cover?

  • Helps preserving the pristine look of your suitcase. 
  • Keeps your suitcase free of scratches, stains, dust, dirt, abrasion and other damages
  • Get smiles and giggles at the gate while you are waiting to board. Everyone will have something to say about it. 
  • Make others smile at the baggage claim. It can dissipate frowns and act as an icebreaker. Choose a vivid design or a funny one and you will see how it will make heads turn and how many conversations it will spark. We warn you, it will be a conversational piece!
  • Eye-catching and easily discernible from other luggage at the baggage claim or carousel. In case your bag gets lost by the airline, the cover can help the personnel retrieve it much faster than it would take for a bag without a protective cover
  • Decreases your chances of having your suitcase pick-pocketed. While the cover is on, you can not access items within the bag!

Our pick for best patternless luggage cover:

Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector

Travel Luggage Cover Suitcase Protector  can extend the lifetime of your carry on or suitcase. We chose a darker colour as it is more dirt resistant.


Our pick for cute luggage cover:


washable luggage cover

Washable Luggage Cover Feathers  adds a touch of elegance and style with its beautiful design to all suitcases, new or old.


Our pick for funny luggage cover:

disney luggage cover

Disney Luggage Cover is what will convince your child to carry his own luggage in all your next family trips! 


Our pick for popular luggage cover: 

disney luggage cover anonymous mask

Anonymous does not require any introduction, as it is by far one of the most popular travel luggage covers.

Our pick for music luggage cover:

Luggage Trolley Cover


Luggage Trolley Cover Guitar  is a great option for those who want to express their passion for music. 


Our pick for vivid design luggage cover:

Spandex Luggage Cover

Spandex Luggage Cover Vivid Colours delivers its promise of creating a great visual impact wherever you go. 


Our pick for animal print luggage cover: 

luggage cover cat
Luggage Cover Cat helps you travel in style, incognito and collect air smiles from all the other passengers. 


Our pick for fantasy luggage cover:

washable luggage cover


Fantasy brings just the right amount of romanticism and hope to all the dreamy travellers.

Our pick for travel luggage cover:

 spandex luggage cover travel

Spandex Lugagge Cover Travel is perfect for travellers of all ages as its attractive design never fails to attracts new fans.


Our pick for princess luggage cover:

washable luggage cover

Washable Luggage Cover Princess adds some character to your plain looking suitcase, helping you take a bit of magic wherever you`re headed!

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